SERVING SOUTHEAST FLORIDA
                                                since '06


Like backpacking on water kayaking is a gentle way to explore nature and has become a popular sport for all ages and levels of fitness.
At Solaria kayaking is much more than a business to us. Catering to the novice paddler as well as the kayak angler, we choose to use and sell Malibu Kayaks for their comfort, stability and fish-ability thus providing a variety of services to ensure the time you spend on the water with us is safe and enjoyable.

Our experienced guides will meet with you and after a brief lesson along with equipment familiarization you will be off creating your own aquatic adventure.
So come discover why we are fortunate to reside in such an ecological rich area of Florida, savor the joys of paddling across a flat bay or the ocean on a sun drenched afternoon. The diversity of marine life out on the water is astonishing and since the bay is ever-changing like the tide you never know what the next adventure will bring.

After allowing us the opportunity to share a little of nature's beauty that we are so blessed to enjoy I would welcome the thought that all would return a conservationist but if nothing else having clients gain an added respect or willingness to protect is fine by me…

Mon. - Fri (club members) 7-7 (beach/walk ins) 10-3
*Saturday & Sunday Club Members Only
Sales: call and we will accommodate, after hours etc...

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